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Little Moments

002I recently read a blog post by a friend, Tina Seitzinger; she shared some memories of her childhood. Then she shifted to wondering what her boys might remember from their family life. It got me to thinking about how motherhood is full of surprises and lots of small moments. There were times from when my son was really little that he will not likely remember. I used to dance with him in my arms to music videos. Mary J. Blige was an early favorite of his. Now he enjoys LMFAO and Maroon 5, among others.

The Tooth Fairy visits have been good. We’ve done brunch with the Easter Bunny and Santa and have taken photos, so those events should stick.

I have randomly taken him for donuts before school where we’ve sat together enjoying breakfast dates.

Sunday mornings our family often goes out for breakfast and his order is always Fruity Pebble pancakes.

“Movie nights” happen spontaneously—all it takes it some popcorn and dimming the lights in the living room. We have amassed a huge library of movies. Someday I hope to be able to get back to my regular viewing habits but I mostly get to all the G-rated and some PG-rated family entertainment these days. I think my son appreciates it.

My husband has been responsible for us venturing to places like the farm that our park district runs, or the Renaissance Faire that is open every summer. Our son’s fascination with knights and swords ensures we’ll be doing this for a while. We also caught a Civil War reenactment recently. It was complete with a battle and cannons.

My husband has also been good about getting involved in the t-ball practices while I was more into his one attempt at soccer. All in all, I like the balance that 001we’ve had in our participation. We’ve both volunteered at his school for some events, most recently, helping with a community garden.

Then, there have been ‘firsts’ like the first outing on a beach. It was Half Moon Bay, California.

What are some of your favorite family moments?

Life Happens

bowlingWhen I began my blog I was newly-unemployed. I decided to split my available time between my son, embarking on a job search and expanding my social media skills. It took ten months to secure a new job. During those months, my son and I went on various outings (bowling, library visits, swimming, and the zoo, among others). I was able to walk him to school every morning as he started Kindergarten and I assisted the coach for his first soccer team. It was a success in many regards.

I got this blog launched and networked with better-established bloggers. I did not have a rhythm going but I did manage to produce some decent content. The new job stalled my best intentions. Life happens. My son is completing the first grade and we have been to Disneyland. Soccer was replaced by t-ball. And the tooth Fairy has made repeated visits to our house.

Last weekend, I attended a conference and Chris Brogan was a presenter. He talked about distractions and suggested if we “stopped doing stupid shit” we could get more accomplished. With that in mind, I am resuming my writing. It is a time I can carve out for me. Let’s begin…


I love Fall! (and so does my son)

This post will be more photo-heavy than most. We live near a pumpkin patch. We visit it annually and our son has a good time there. I love taking photos. Here is one from maybe three years back as he was looking for the perfect pumpkin.

My husband introduced him to leaf piles. Yesterday a neighbor invited him over to play soccer then proceeded to build a huge pile of leaves that became the goal. I think my son spent more time in the goal than the ball.

It was raining leaves.








Then he got buried (like at the beach).


Then he emerged!

Rainbows…a little bit of magic

My son saw his first rainbow today. I have to say it was pretty cool. He was at soccer practice. I was not thrilled to be there on the sidelines because it was overcast and windy. I thought we had lucked out with no rain but the clouds opened up with about five minutes left. Off in the distance there was a rainbow and my son stopped dead in his tracks to look at it. It was a double rainbow and it looked like it ended right on top of our car. As we walked toward it he could see it was far away. I stopped in the parking lot and took a photo. We drove home and saw the other end of it,  which made the experience complete.

Looking back on this year, I may have preferred to have worked but I would have missed so much in the process. We went swimming. There were play dates. The walks to and from school. I could not have done all that if I had been employed. So I guess I am actually thankful that I was forced to have this time off and be available for my son. I hope he has good memories of this summer. I know I will.

We’ve had some fun conversations. I’ve jotted down his comments when he made me laugh. I was not sure I could use them, but his insights have been pretty entertaining.  Here are a couple: “There’s a lot of love in this family” or “You know what I like about our house? Everything.”

It is possible that we would have had similar exchanges on our way home from work. Or that he would make cute observations over the weekend. However, the sheer number of hours we spent together meant that my odds were greater to catch the small details. I will readily admit to getting tired of cartoons and non-adult activities. But like tonight, I regularly realized I was witnessing firsts and those simply cannot be recreated. Another blogger recently wrote about magical moments being all around us and I could not agree more.