My Life Interrupted

The goal or theme of writing this blog was how I intended to make sure my life was balanced. I started a new job in October and as a result I have not been writing. I have been very busy at work and learning a great deal, and I did not have much more to give of myself when I got home. My son started kindergarten and we’ve been surprised to find we had homework every night. My priority was to help him with his assignments and by the end of the night I’ve been spent. Happily, we are seeing all sorts of progress in his reading and writing skills, and how he can illustrate his thoughts. We’ve also had our first two parent-teacher conferences. We’re watching him develop before our eyes.

I have a neighbor who is facing health issues and her husband was recently laid off from his job. As a result, she and I have discussed our mortality. We’re close in age and had our babies within two months of each other, so our lives have been on parallel paths. In recent days, there have been announcements of the deaths of a few famous people that also struck a nerve in me. First, there was a news story that Wall Street Journal author Jeff Zaslow died in a car accident. Aside from his newspaper work, his book, “The Last Lecture” was a favorite of mine. I found so many life lessons in it and felt the connection he had made with his subject (professor Randy Pausch). His writing was powerful. Then, to read that he was the father of three daughters and had just published another book made me stop short. We all go through life knowing it will end eventually but are rather blissfully unaware of when that might be. We presume we have decades but what if it turns out there are only months (or less) left for us? Would we do things differently? Then there was Whitney Houston. A huge talent squandered. She was only 48. Two years older than me and she’s gone. Finally, there was baseball player Gary Carter. I remember enjoying his play—even though I was not a fan of the Expos or the Mets, I could just appreciate his skill.

I’m planning our first Spring Break vacation and it will be a trip to Los Angeles. A visit to Disneyland is on the agenda. My husband and I are hoping to surprise our son. We’ve seen those ads where kids are told about the destination and they go nuts. I’m not sure if we can hold out that long but we’re going to try. There are six weeks to go and we’re weakening. We have all this anticipation building for us and we do stop periodically because we want to remember to enjoy it as it happens. Taking too many pictures or having too many expectations may make it less fun in the end. But, it might just be magical.

Part of the fun of the So Cal trip is that I can hopefully see some friends who I have not seen in years. A former co-worker, college roommate, business associate—I hope we can squeeze them all in. Through social media, email and Christmas cards, we’ve managed to keep track of one another for many years but it would be really great to see people in person. Like the ad…we will be creating memories.



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  1. I completely understand where you are coming from. I started a new job this past October as well and my hours have become fewer and fewer when it comes to blogging. Part of that is also because my daughter is now older and has more activites and homework as well. I apologize to my readers often but tried hard to bring them good stories when I am able to write. Many times it’s new and fresh inspiration that motivates my writing versus just the day to day minutae. I happen to have Randy’s book standing out on my shelf next to my desk and I am reminded daily how precious life is. Enjoy your trip to Disney with your family. Have a wonderful time. Enjoy seeing the sights through your son’s eyes. I am sure you will come back with many useful tips you will want to share with your readers, including me.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your encouragement! We did enjoy our Disney trip and I think I am armed with some new stories to share.

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